At EnablePay, the "rate" you pay is always the actual VISA, MasterCard and Discover interchange rate. You cannot process for less than the actual interchange rates across the board, so if you're paying a "qualified" rate, "buy" rate or "discount" rate with your current processor, then you are paying too much.

The EnablePay Difference

A straight forward way of doing business.

Our low, fixed, monthly service allows
you to eliminate unnecessary
credit card transaction fees. So switch
today and start saving now.

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  • Simplicity

    “The same processing
    for less money”

    “Their customer service reps are very knowledgeable. It was easy to make the switch. And we even got to keep our old equipment.”

    Bill Ranck
    The Chocolate Spike, Blacksburg, VA

  • Experience

    “The reps are always smart and friendly”

    “We’re pleased with EnablePay’s customer service. All our calls are answered promptly. We would definitely recommend EnablePay to other merchants.”

    Dana & Joy Randall
    Cangiano’s Italian Specialties Clark Summit, PA

  • Transparency

    “EnablePay has been true to its word”

    “There are no hidden charges and they have better rates than other merchant service providers. There isn’t a single thing I’m unhappy about with their service.”

    Richard Hebert
    Colonial Candies, Bolton, MA

  • 24/7 Support

    “More personalized customer service”

    “I was burned by other merchant card processors, but with EnablePay, I’ve got no complaints at all.”

    Keith Daniels
    Arlington Cape, Arlington, OH

  • Big Saving

    “No-frills approach
    & flat-fee for service”

    “I was flabbergasted at how much EnablePay could save my business. With other merchant card processors, you get all these hidden costs.”

    Mike Langianese
    Bradford City Beers, Bradford, PA

  • Change as easy as...

    • 1. Fax us your current credit card processing statement.
    • 2. We'll do a free analysis to show you your savings.
    • 3. Switch to EnablePay and start saving right away.

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  • Compare and Save

    Compare EnablePay‘s low fixed monthly service fee to surcharges from your current merchant card processor.

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