EnablePay Partner Programs


EnablePay's Partner Program

Help spread the EnablePay vision!

If you are a merchant that currently processes with EnablePay, you are eligible to participate in our Merchant Partner Program.

The Partner Program is designed to compensate you for referring the EnablePay program to your customers, suppliers, distributors, and other business affiliates and friends.

Become part of the EnablePay Partner Program today, and together we can deliver EnablePay's powerful savings platform to help those that work with and help you.

It is easy to do. There is no commitment, and since you already process with EnablePay, you already know everything you need to get started! Please contact an EnablePay sales manager today to find out more (please make sure to ask for the Partner Program):

Phone: 866-509-1322

Email: PartnerProgram@enablepay.com

We look forward to hearing from you! And as always, we appreciate your business and will continue to deliver the industry's best electronic payment services to you at the lowest cost.

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Joint Marketing Program

The Joint Marketing Program is specifically designed for trade associations, merchant groups and charitable institutions (each, an “Organization”).

Under this program, EnablePay will oversee a joint marketing campaign directed to your merchant members and donors, which will increase awareness of your mission and provide a source of funding to your Organization, while introducing those merchants to EnablePay’s merchant services program that will significantly reduce their costs of credit/debit card processing. For every member or donor that begins processing with EnablePay, EnablePay will make a donation to your Organization!

The campaign is simple and direct -- EnablePay will prepare and mail a customized marketing letter addressed from the Organization to its donors or members, all at EnablePay’s cost. The marketing letter will be tailored to the Organization’s mission, announce EnablePay’s services, and describe the fundraising benefits to the Organization that result from the member’s or donor’s participation.

The more your membership chooses to save with EnablePay, the more they support your Organization!

Please contact an EnablePay sales manager today to find out more (please make sure to ask for the Joint Marketing Program):

Phone: 866-509-1322

Email: PartnerProgram@enablepay.com

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the Joint Marketing Program’s benefits to your Organization, and we look forward to providing the industry’s lowest cost electronic payment services to your merchant members and donors.